A man swimming a David Lloyd pool.

Swimming Pool & Spa facilities

Swimming is one of the most effective (and enjoyable!) ways to exercise your body and improve your fitness. Regular swimming has not only been proven to increase cardiovascular fitness and build muscle, but it will leave you feeling slimmer, stronger, more flexible, and less stressed.

Here at David Lloyd Clubs we offer a wide range of pool facilities and services, whether you're a beginner or a high level swimmer. With both indoor and outdoor pools at the majority of our clubs, you can look forward to swimming all year round, regardless of the weather.  

Once you’re out of the pool, head to our well-equipped gyms, or relax in our state-of-the-art spas, complete with sauna, steam room and whirlpools.

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Indoor & Outdoor Pools

One of the joys of swimming at David Lloyd Clubs is that we have the perfect pool for every season!

Our heated indoor pools mean that you don’t have to put your training on hold over the winter, whether you’re after a relaxing dip or an energising workout. 

During the warmer months, make the most of the sunny weather with our outdoor pools. Relax and cool down with a quick dip, enjoy an invigorating training session, or sit back and relax on one of our sun loungers.

The majority of our pools are at least 20m in length and with a number of special adult only swim times as well as family swim times, you’ll find a time to enjoy our pools for whatever purpose or activity you like.

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Adult swimming lessons & coaching

As an adult, whether you’re a seasoned swimmer looking to perfect your technique, or a total beginner keen to be more comfortable in the water, our expert swim coaching can help you achieve your goals.

Looking for individual attention and a focused programme? One-to-one coaching and adult swimming lessons are the way to go. Keen on feeling part of a community and enjoying the spirit of a swimming group? Join one of our coach-led swimming clubs, where you’ll get the guidance you need while making new friends. And for the serious swimmers, our expert personal trainers can help you with workouts and gym sessions that can complement your swim training.

If you’re keen on trying something fun, new and different in the pool, we offer a number of aqua classes. Fun and energising, these incorporate aerobic exercises while using the water as resistance for an extra push. Some classes make use of various buoyancy aids, while others simply rely on your body and the water.

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What to expect at a David Lloyd Clubs swimming pool

If you’re new to swimming or you're keen to get back to a regular routine, our friendly team are always available to make you feel comfortable and confident in the pool.

Whenever you come to use the pool, remember to bring a towel, flip flops and comfortable swimwear. It's also a good idea to bring swimming goggles and a swim cap if you want to get the most from your swimming experience.

We also know that having a spacious, inviting and well-equipped space to change can make the world of difference to your club experience. At all of our clubs you'll find secure lockers, benches, showers and vanity areas so you can comfortably get ready before or after a swim.

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